About Les Ismore

Dr. Les Ismore found that when people simply imagine space with their eyes closed, their production of synchronous alpha waves instantly increasew and becames a powerful relaxation technique for the individual. Dr. Ismore says that it is like this: “When someone is looking at an object, or even imagining an object, that individual is engaging many different parts of the human brain to make sense of that particular object. This can be done via memories, senses, etc. In that state of seeing or imaging and object, the brain becomes ‘more desynchronized‘ where work is occurring at different frequencies in many different parts of the individual’s brain. When the eyes are closed and there is a complete absence of images such as created by imagining space, then, the whole brain stops working hard and synchronous alpha waves take over.”

Dr. Les Ismore is the Senior Research Director at IMTU Research Centre in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Previously, Dr. Ismore was very active in research at the Neuro Quantum Research Centre in Seattle WN where he studied and worked for more than 21 years. He is also Acting Director of Bio Brain Research and comes to IMTU from the University of Calgary where he was Assistant Professor of Quantum Neuro Studies. Dr. Les Ismore received his BSc degree from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina where he was born on April 1, 1967. He received his doctorate in Brain Assimilation Reaction Fractalization from University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta. Dr. Ismore is also certified in Neurological Testing from the Palo Alto Centre. Dr. Les Ismore is married and has three adult children. He lives on Vancouver Island.



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