China Agrees to RPS to Resolve Conflict in Tibet

Sun Jiazheng

Reuters News has reported that Buddhist monks from the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics, based in Dharamsala, India have agreed to settle the ongoing conflicts between Chinese soldiers and the people of Tibet by playing Rock, Paper Scissors.

Tenzin Lopal Phayla of the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics is ready to play Chinese Minister of Culture, Sun Jiazheng in an online game of Rocks, Paper Scissors. The best two out of three Rocks, Paper Scissors will take plane on Tuesday April 1, 2008 in Amsterdam. Based on the outcome, the Chinese will either withdraw all their soldiers from Tibet or Tibetans will agree to lead a peaceful procession towards repossession of their ancient homelands by the Chinese government soldiers currently in the capital of Tibet.

The game will take place on Tuesday, April 1, 2008 in Amsterdam under the watchful eyes and monitoring of a group of Mexican and Syrian officials under the guidance of the United Nations. The game will begin with a prayer. It is rumored that as many as 5,000 Buddhist Monks will be chanting for peace while the Chinese will be hoping to continue their crackdown and victory over the Tibetans. The monks from the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics will also be involved in an ongoing hunger strike to emphasis their plight. Their hope is that this will bring world attention to the fact that China is no longer able to produce enough food to feed its people let alone the people of Tibet. It is also reported that Tenzin Lopal Phayla has been studying Rock, Paper Scissors Strategies that will result in a quick victory over their Chinese counterparts. It is not known how much experience Sun Jiazheng has playing Rock, Paper Scissors other than watching his sons play it.

After the games, the monks are planning to hold a peace march to appeal international community to support Tibetan people’s rightful and nonviolent struggle and help accomplish their goal of returning back to their motherland rather than be joined to China. If there is to be any annexing of Tibet, the Buddhist monks have expressed interested in becoming a colony of Belgium.


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