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DivX Heads Up Dispaly for HONDA

February 1, 2007

DivX is proud to announce its partnership with Russian high technology manufactor Krytek Systems for development of revolutionary in-car multimedia environments.

Using head-up display (HUD) technologies developed by Krytek Systems for fighter aircraft, the system that projects a real-time computer display that appears to float in space infront of pilots, DivX aims to revolutionalize the driving experience and put an end to mundane journeys once and for all.

By incorporating their existing energy efficient DivX Certified portable products into the automobile, and presenting a HUD across the front windshield, DivX will make possible the option of watching full length blockbusters or Video Podcast while driving.

A prototype of the new DivX product, dubbed “XHUD”, can already project standard definition video across 95% of the windshield area, or in front of the driver and front passenger seats selectively. The drivers view is not obscured because the HUD projection appears transparent in daylight conditions.

Krytek Systems will provide DivX with components that can display full resolution HD video within 12 months, and DivX is already developing standard audio interconnects that can present 5.1 surround audio through most standard in-car stereo systems.

When asked how he thinks XHUD could impact the automotive industry, DivX founder Jerome Rota (more commonly known as ‘Gej’) said, “There is no doubt in my mind that within 3 years every manufacturer is going to want to have this in their cars. Personally, I will be more than happy to uninstall my in-car DVD player with it’s 7″ display, and install XHUD, the full cinematic experience to go.”
DivX Heads Up
The system in action: The picture is projected on the windshield and appears to be floating behind it. The red remote controls the display and the playback controls are presented in the navigation screen.